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Join the top leading experts in joint venture business projects.

Mark Harris

CEO & Producer of Joint Venture Summits

Mark Harris has served hundreds of thousands of individuals, in all walks of life, throughout the nation, as an advisor, counselor, mentor, speaker, publisher, entrepreneur, inventor, and thought leader. However, he considers himself first, and foremost, a dedicated follower of The Creator, a loving husband, and a blessed father of his 13 children.

Alex Mandossian


Alex Mandossian has generated nearly $400 million in sales and profits for his strategic alliance partners, clients and students on five continents. Some of these companies include: Dale Carnegie Training, NYU, Mutuals.com, Trim Spa and Sam’s Club. Also, Alex has hosted events with many of the world’s top thought leaders such as Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield, Stephen Covey, Les Brown, Harv Eker, Donald Trump, Brian Tracy, Harvey Mackay and many others.

Bill Walsh

Bill Walsh is the CEO/Founder of Business Coaching/Venture Capital firm Powerteam International. Bill hosts and speaks at events all over the world! His passion is to empower entrepreneurs and business owners to create massive success. He loves to help people to understand specifically what it takes to build successful companies. He is an accomplished author, speaker, radio personality and movie celebrity.

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Robert G. Allen

Robert G. Allen is one of America’s most famous and most influential financial advisors. After graduating with an MBA from Brigham Young University in 1974, Allen began his real estate investment career and turned his successful experiences into the colossal bestselling book, Nothing Down, that spent 58 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list.

He followed that success with 4 other major New York Times bestsellers; Creating Wealth, Multiple Streams of Income, The One Minute Millionaire and Cracking the Millionaire Code. His latest book with co-author Mark Victor Hansen is Cash in a Flash: Fast Money in Slow Times.

David Perdew

Niche Affiliate Marketing System (NAMS) – Outstanding Internet Marketing Training that concentrates on your experience level and your needs as a marketer with more than 30 instructors.

Clint Arthur

We’re excited to hear that Clint Arthur was Dan Kennedy’s Latest Marketer of the year winner! And, his topic is VERY important in the JV World. You don’t want to miss his session!

E Brian Rose

E. Brian Rose is co-founder and owner of JVZoo.com, one of the world’s largest online affiliate networks. ‘EBR’, as he is know by his friends, began a career as an Internet entrepreneur in the late 90’s and has been the focus of articles published on CNet, USA Today, US News and World Reports, and the UK’s Register.
In 2013, he penned his first book, titled “The Millionaire Within Me”. The book features stories about Rose’s ups and downs in the world of Internet marketing. New York Times Best Selling Author Joel Comm wrote the foreword. Comm says the book is “gritty” and “raw”, unlike most marketing books he has read. The Millionaire Within Me is scheduled for publication in early 2014.

Bryan Zimmerman

Bryan Zimmerman is the Co-Founder and CEO of JVZoo.com, one of the internets biggest affiliate networks. Having not even sent an email before 2008 and coming from a construction background, Bryan has gone on to have massive success both selling his own products and recently building multiple networks with partners E.Brian Rose and Chad Casselman. Having run a construction company for almost 10 years, Bryan brought his brick and mortar business values to his internet businesses and achieved success very quickly. With his blue collar background, the thing he prides himself most on is meeting and talking with people. ‘I’m as laid back as they come’ he says, ‘I still prefer a handshake and a conversation over sending emails’.

Meir Ezra

Meir is an international entrepreneur with multi-million dollar businesses and clients in the US, Canada, Israel, Italy, Colombia, Russia, India, China, Romania, the Dominican Repub- lic, South Africa, Germany, the Czech Republic, Turkey and many others.
From his start as a former high-ranking submarine diver in the Israeli navy, to his creation of Timemaker, a software program that has revolutionized the way thousands of businesses manage their communication, Meir’s passion is helping others.

Spike Humer

Partnering Expert
Former COO, Abraham Group

Spike Humer Entrepreneurial business growth expert, with a primary emphasis on startups, turnarounds, and SME’s around the world. Public seminars, group workshops, private consultations, and entrepreneurial mentoring.

Specialties:Executive Leadership, Marketing, Business Planning, Strategy Setting, Change Management, Organizational Development, Executive Coaching, M&A, Joint Ventures, Strategic Alliances, Corporate Turnarounds, Franchising, Strategic Execution, Corporate Communications, Keynote Speaker, Seminar Leader, Author.

Mike Filsaime

Mike Filsaime is an Online Entrepreneur and has been described as the “Michael Jordan of Internet Marketing”because of the expertise and knowledge he has shared over the years as an educator of innovative and cutting edge strategies.

Mike is also an author, software developer, renowned speaker, and business consultant and runs one of the best and largest Closed-Door MasterMinds in Internet Marketing.

Mike has spoken on 5 Continents and has been to over 20 Countries speaking and networking about marketing. His travels and led him to stages in Singapore, Moscow, and Dubai as well as many of the top English speaking countries around the world.

Mike regularly travels with other self made millionaires raising money for charities as he does extreme adventures like Jumping out of planes at 30,000 feet, zero gravity dives, driving the Baja, and trips to the remote parts of Haiti that you can only get to by small planes. His ventures have raised over $100,000 for different charities.

Glenn Dietzel

Over the past 12 years, Glenn Dietzel has worked with over 7,600 clients as case studies in 120+ industries. These clients range from those who need to reinvent themselves to those who have built billion dollar companies.
His system shows entrepreneurs how to benefit from his highly accelerated formula for instantly positioning their ideas, advice and everyday ‘know-how’ into information products and services as the instant go-to, highly paid #1 expert in their niche.

Ted Miller III

At a VERY young age he got bitten by the proverbial “entrepreneurial bug”, because of his Midwest family ran construction business. His work ethic was groomed early during the school months when he had a morning paper route, an evening job (Dairy Queen was cool!) and worked construction on the weekend.

Ted spent a decade with his friend, business partner and mentor Chet Holmes helping entrepreneurs master their business through implementation strategies and tactics resulting in significant positive impact. It is important to note Chet made sizable professional impact on his life and still does as an angel.

Matt Bacak

Matt Bacak is considered by many an Internet Marketing Legend. Using his stealth marketing techniques, he became a Best Selling author with a huge fan base of over 1.2 million people in his niche as well as built multi-million dollar companies.

Matt is not only a sought-after internet marketer but has also marketed for some of the world’s top experts whose reputations would shrivel if their followers ever found out someone else coached them on their online marketing strategies.

Dave Van Hoose

DAVE VANHOOSE — Professional Speaker Training & Marketing ♦ Founder of Speaking Empire

My passion as a Speaker Trainer is helping new and established speakers double or triple their profits in their speaking careers.

This is the mission of my training company ‘7 Figure Speaking Empire’ (MVP & Associates), and I’ve had the privilege of training some of the top keynote speakers and presenters in the country. Our first four clients went on to make over $1 Million their first year in the industry.

Ann DeVere

Executive TV Producer

If you have aspirations to be on Good Morning America, CNN, 60 minutes or
Host Your Own TV Show, Ann DeVere is your ‘go-to expert’ to get you ready
and on your way to Global Visibility. She is an Author, Speaker, Strategist and
the executive producer of ‘Access To Experts TV,’ ‘Meet The Press LIVE’
and ‘Turn Your SHOW Into CA$H’ Reality TV Show..

Ken Rochon

An author of 4 books, entrepreneur, a mixologist, a student of life, a teacher, a photographer and world traveler… and most of all a Perfect Networker.

Ken Rochon is an accomplished entrepreneur of 30 years with Absolute Entertainment, published author of six books, including Becoming the Perfect Networker … Succeeding 1 Connection @ a Time, global fusion DJ, founder of Perfect World Network/Perfect Networker, photographer, world traveler and recipient of America’s Most Influential Business Connector of 2010.

Sergiu Simmel

Sergiu Simmel provides senior business execution consulting/coaching to
small-to-medium-sized businesses. His passion is helping business leaders
get more traction in their business. Sergiu consults on digital products
lifecycle, technology platforms, digital marketing and business

Ira Rosen

Ira Rosen is considered a global visionary strategic thought leader and is recognized for his radical new ways of thinking about sales, marketing, and JV partnerships, and is a renowned traffic and conversion expert. His passion is teaching Entrepreneurs how to exponentially multiply their business in months, not years. Ira has successfully created, run and sold numerous multi-million dollar companies and is considered a trusted adviser for over 40 years.

Cory Michael Sanchez

To give you a little background on them personally, Cory Michael Sanchez was a national champion gymnast and scientist and in a previous life. He escaped from the laboratory to be an entrepreneur. He started investing in real estate and then created a local marketing company when he discovered his love of working with small businesses to grow their revenues.

Robert Skrob

Robert Skrob has more than 20 years of experience in the association industry, helping associations grow their memberships through better benefits, communication and systems. Under his leadership, several associations have grown to represent over 90 percent of the potential members within their industries.

Daven Michaels

Daven Michaels, has achieved tremendous success as an entrepreneur in several different endeavors. An entrepreneur since age 15, Michaels expertise includes roles as a best-selling author, music and television producer, speaker, and founder of 123Employee. His success comes from understanding that in the era of internet business you need never be “the little guy”.

Lizette LaForge

Driven toward excellence by helping others achieve their goals through the use of Joint Ventures. You have a concept, I have connections.

Captain Lou Edwards

Captain Lou’s Cruising For Profits.. ‘Living The Internet Lifestyle 2.0’

If You Have A Niche Business Online, And A Following, Even A Small One… ‘Captain Lou’ Edwards Will Show You How To BE The ‘Guru’ At Your Own Fun Group Mega-Event, Sailing To Exotic Ports Of Call While You And Your Guests Network In The Caribbean, Alaska, Hawaii or Europe…

How Profitable JV Deals Are Done, While On Vacation and Having FUN
Host Your Own Customer Appreciation Cruises, Coaching Cruises, Product Creation or Training, Workshops and Theme Vacations!
How To Partner with Mike Filsaime and Mark Harris and Speak At The Marketers Cruise in front of 400 of the World’s TOP Marketers, and even Cruise For FREE!

Sohail Khan

Sohail is founder of The Joint Venture Group

Prior to starting The Joint Venture Group, Sohail has had over 15 years of sales, joint venture marketing and business experience.

Having previously built a multi-million pound internet training business which he started with just $1,000 in 2000, he then sold a majority stake to a $150M IT company in 2006.

In 2008 the IT company went bust and Sohail lost everything but retained the knowledge and expertise of building a business with over $10 Million in sales using just joint ventures.

Justin Mandel

Justin Mandel is a publicity software developer and expert on press releases. He got his start with PR in 2004 after being completely clueless on how to get his business into the local media. As a result of his very first press release, a reporter and photographer created a 1-page full color story on him in his local paper causing his phone to ring off the hook for weeks on end which filled up his office for almost a full year with brand new business. Sometime after his business exploded, he realized that the PR process could be automated and for the past 6 years he has set out to perfect it with his I.M. Press Release Generator software platform.

Roger Salam

W. Roger Salam is the real Joint Venture expert and probably responsible for more Joint Ventures through his invitation-only Winners Circle Mastermind group than most people combined. He is an award winning inspirational speaker, best-selling author of several books on sales & marketing and Real Estate investing courses. He’s been listed in America’s Premiere Experts and the recipient of “Thought Leader of The Year” award by the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors.

Mario Torres-Leon

Dr. Mario Torres-Leon, considered already by many as the “Latin Dr. Oz” is a native of Puerto Rico. He is a Harvard, Yale and Columbia trained board certified Interventional Radiologist practicing in the Boston area. He is the Co-founder and President of The Thrive Doctors through which he teaches entrepreneurs and professionals how to get fit emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually so they can live in health, prosperity and success. He is also the Founder and CEO of HDV Solutions, LLC; Global Medical Innovations, LLC; and the MIH Group, LLC. He is also a local and national TV celebrity, co-host of his own radio show, Thrive Doctors Radio, speaker, author, coach and medical innovator with multiple patents to his credit. He lives in the Boston area with his wife and daughter.