Jack Humphrey

Jack Humphrey is a 15-year veteran online marketing expert coach,
consultant, strategist, and author. He was one of the first to crack the
early Google algorithms, publishing his findings soon after in his first
book, ‘Power Linking Your Way to 1 Million Hits,’ in 2002. Since then he
has started and sold several businesses, membership sites, books and
courses on internet marketing, leverage, and strategy.

His latest book, ‘Bending the Web,’ exposes his passion for leverage,
influence and authority building as the sole means of going big on the web
in any market niche.

As Associate Dean of Directions University, Jack works with Gina
Gaudio-Graves to teach thousands of people around the globe each year about
leveraged marketing tactics, content marketing, and social media strategy.
Jack’s unique take on web marketing through leverage and influence has
been responsible for a conservative 1.5 billion targeted visitors to his
and his clients’ sites over the last decade.

His latest membership was developed for local business owners, called
C.A.S.T. (Customer Attraction Systems Training) where he teaches how to
apply his techniques in successful local online marketing campaigns,
through his firm, Brick Road Media, LLC.