Glenn Dietzel

Over the past 12 years, Glenn Dietzel has worked with over 7,600 clients as case studies in 120+ industries. These clients range from those who need to reinvent themselves to those who have built billion dollar companies.
His system shows entrepreneurs how to benefit from his highly accelerated formula for instantly positioning their ideas, advice and everyday ‘know-how’ into information products and services as the instant go-to, highly paid #1 expert in their niche.
Glenn is the CEO of Awakened, LLC one of the fastest growing high level coaching companies today. His New Guru Model is a revolutionary business approach to creating, selling and scaling the value of your advice quickly and easily.
Many of Glenn’s clients have used his proprietary processes to create and sell coaching and consulting programs ranging from $10,000.00 to $100,000.00 to $1,000,000.00 and higher. The power of Glenn’s systems allows his clients to create scalable advice-based businesses.
Recently he created a first in the business world teaching coaches, consultants, and service providers how to tap into the multi-billion dollar training industry, and create their own certification and co-branding program. Entrepreneurs love it for creating royalty revenues and opening up new markets. (It’s a super strategic Joint Venture Model.)
If you are interested in a system that will allow you to net high end clients in a predictable, certain and secure manner with conversion rates of 60% to 80%, and additional royalty revenue streams…
Then you will realize very quickly why Glenn’s business acceleration systems and advanced teaching processes provide his clients their competitive advantage in the market place.