The VIP Platinum Package

Select Your Payment Option:

To Enroll For VIP PLATINUM Access
OPTION #1: One-Payment of $1849

To Enroll For VIP PLATINUM Access
OPTION #2: 3 Payments of $697

Here's What You'll Recieve

  • VIP Access To ALL Event Sessions
  • Special VIP Seating at ALL Keynote Sessions
  • First Choice of Breakout Sessions
  • Access to ALL JVS networking sessions.
  • FULL Access to ALL JV JUMPSTART Trainings.
  • Give a JV Talk at The Summit
  • Special Training: Giving a JV Talk
  • Access To All Video Sessions

Guarantee #1 - Cancelation Guarantee

If for any reason you have to cancel 30+ Days before the Joint Venture Summit, then we will REFUND 100% of anything you paid us.

Guarantee #2 - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If, at ANY time during your first day at JVS, you honestly believe you’ve made a mistake otherwise disappointed or not 100% Satisfied, in any way, then you need only say so to receive a FULL 100% REFUND right on the spot!

Guarantee #3 - 10 Times ROI - Results Guarantee!

We guarantee that if you participate in the Summit, and work the plan that we will give you, you WILL get 10 Times Return-on-your-investment! And if you don’t produce sales totaling at least 10 times what you paid us, then we will put our do-it-for-you JV team into action, and will work for you, at our cost, even up to a FULL YEAR, to bring JV partners to the deal table for you until you do!  *  To Redeem This Guarantee You Must Complete The JV Assessment Prior To The Summit.