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SUBJECT #1: The one “must-attend” event (all year!)
SUBJECT #2: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Joint Venture Summit 2014


Hi _______,

What’s the Fastest Way To Build Your Business?
You got it… Joint Ventures!

And, what’s the simplest and quickest way to
build Joint Ventures, Affiliate relationships,
and Strategic Partnerships?

The Answer: the Joint Venture Summit 2014!

It’s just around the corner…
March 11th, 12th, and 13th in Atlanta!

IMPORTANT: I’m throwing in a bonus worth
$594 (more than the cost of a standard ticket
to JVS) but you’ll have to go to the site
to see what it is… :)

Be sure to book your tickets NOW before
they are all gone. (Even after adding 200
more seats, I just know that they’re going to
sell out; and wait till you see our lineup!)

But don’t order yet… First, go to:

AND READ THAT PAGE! (and you’ll know, you must be there!)

Then, SECOND… go here to purchase your tickets

See you at the event!

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