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NOTE: Please Return for promotional materials on Launch Day,
The afternoon of Monday, Feb 17th, 2014

Here is a sneak peak about:  The Joint Venture Challenge



Your Chance to Win the $75,000 JV Challenge…
Here’s a $75,000 Gift…
Win MAXIMUM Leverage for You…
Hi [firstname] –

What could getting access to a mailing list of over
250,000 business owners do for your business?

What would it mean to your business if you finally had
a never ending source of leads coming in day in and
day out?

How much easier would it be to reach your goals if you
not only had a rock-solid strategic plan designed to
make your dreams your reality, but a mentor who could
hold your hand every step of the way?

If I told you that all that and MORE could be yours
in the next 30 days, would you RUN to take advantage
of it? (or would you just leisurely think about it?)

On March 11th to the 13th, the next Joint Venture
Summit takes place at the Crowne Plaza Permieter at
Ravinia in Atlanta, GA (near the MARTA station).

At JVS, Bill Walsh and iPowerTeam are sponsoring a
$75,000 JV Challenge that just 1 lucky small business
owner will win.

What is the $75,000 JV Challenge?

It’s your chance to win a MASSIVE package that could
literally EXPLODE your business!

The Winner of the JV Challenge gets:

* A mailing to the iPowerTeam and Bill Walsh entire
list of business owners!

* The WIN Network Mastermind Program that includes
Masterminding on a Caribbean Island (retail is $20,000)

* The Mojo Video “Lead Mastermind” Package that gives
you custom LinkedIn Software to help you generate leads
and JV Partners using linkedIn, including all the
templates you to need to setup your campaigns plus
1 on 1 help setting everything up and getting your leads
coming in PLUS ongoing Mastermind Calls and replays
(retail is $5,497 for 1st year alone!)

* The “Mojo Matrix” Package that lets you send video
messages out via both SMS and email, plus 1 on 1 help
in creating your messages, setting them up as broadcasts
and automated sequences, and help creating the videos
(retail is $5,497 for 1st year alone!)

* Directions University’s 1-year long Mentoring Program
called the “DU Bachelor’s Program” that will help you
create a more strategic way of doing business so that
you can improve your conversions, improve your traffic,
and get other people to build your business FOR YOU by
turning your customers into raving evangelists who
bring you more customers (retail is $12,000 for 1st
year alone!)
When you attend the Joint Venture Summit, you’ll…

… Not only learn “Why Joint Ventures Are The Future
of Marketing”
… Learn step-by-step how to truly apply and use Joint
Ventures in YOUR business right away!
… Leave with JV Deals in hand, ready for you to start
pro’fiting from!


… You might even be one the LUCKY winner of the
$75,000 JV Challenge that will SKYROCKET your business
to the next level!


Now, get this:

You couldn’t get a better environment to talk JVs
with people in your market – that’s all they are
there to do, is meet YOU!

So be sure to be there!

—> [ AFF LINK]

To Your Abundant Joint Venture Success!

[aff signature]

P.S. Will YOU be the lucky winner of the first ever
$75,000 JV Challenge being sponsored by iPowerTeam,
Mojo Video Marketing, and DirectionsU? You have to be
in Atlanta at JVS to win!

—> [ AFF LINK]