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The “Grand Champion” Prize:  
The Top Winner Will Get To Speak On The Main Stage at JVS
to hundreds of jv-qualified partners… and you’ll talk about how
you got to be Number #1, out of ALL of the best Joint Venture
Partners In The World!  (How Valuable Is That?)

In addition, you’ll get to talk about your best offer, and we
will facilitate getting that offer in the hands of EVERYONE
who is attending the Joint Venture Summit!


Prize Category #2
Everyone who promotes can win tickets to JVS.
(and for JVers this is the place to be!)

1 Sale of any type, gets you Select Access.
3 Sales of any type, gets you VIP Access.
5 Sales of any type, gets you VIP Gold Access
And, if you get 7 or more sales, you get VIP Platinum Access!


Prize Category #3

To Be Announced… Later this week!  (very exciting!)