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Through a Strategic Alliance with Gina Gaudio-Graves, “The JV Queen” and Dean & Founder of DirectionsU.com, we are able to offer all JV Partners INSTANT payment on all affiliate commissions!

In order to do this, we are processing EXCLUSIVELY with PayPal. (Don’t worry – Customers can still use a credit card, even if they don’t have a PayPal account.)

We’ve made this Strategic Decision for 2 reasons:

1) It is PayPal’s Adaptive Pay API that gives us the ability to split transactions instantly, and

2) By processing exclusively through PayPal, customers can choose to use Bill Me Later to pay for their ticket.

When a customer pays with Bill Me Later, they can take up to 6 full months to pay for their purchase. However, they pay PayPal each month. As a merchant, PayPal pays us INSTANTLY on the entire sale! And, our special cart then pays YOU INSTANTLY as well!

Here’s the best part of Bill Me Later…

In the event that the customer defaults on the payment, they owe PayPal and not us (or YOU!) PayPal has no recourse against anyone who received a share of the transaction at all. They simply send the customer to collections!

When you use the Adaptive Pay API to pay JV Partners Instantly, a few things work a little differently than they do with other merchant accounts. The most noticeable difference is with refunds…

In the event that you refer someone who purchases a ticket and that person later requests a refund, here’s what happens…

DirectionsU goes into the cart to issue the refund. That sends a message to PayPal. PayPal then goes and retrieves the funds from you and any second tier affiliate who may have referred you and who received a share of the sale paid instantly. Those funds then get put back into the DirectionsU PayPal account and PayPal issues the refund to the customer.

In the event that you do not have sufficient funds in your PayPal account to cover the refund, you owe that money to PayPal, NOT to DirectionsU or to JVS.

Because PayPal needs to have permission to access funds in your account, there is an extra step needed when you register as a JV Partner. It’s called “Grant Permissions”.

Here’s how it works…

Email Joseph.Wolf@ThoughtLeadershipAlliance.com
and we’ll get you setup!