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This is YOUR Chance to Help Your Customers Bring in MILLIONS!

It’s not very often that something comes along that can make you look like a true Hero to your customers!

As you know, the one thing that has the greatest potential to turn a fledling business into a 7-figure super-star in any field is Joint Ventures.

Think about your subscribers and customers and where they’re at in their businesses…

Most of them are likely to be struggling every day.
They don’t have enough traffic so they don’t have enough sales.

They don’t have a solid funnel setup because they don’t have products to sell.
So they’re making very little money (if any at all).

They aren’t necessarily experts in their field. They’re really just Wanna-Be’s.
But if they could align themselves with someone who’s already a credible expert in their niche or industry, they could INSTANTLY become a sought after authority!

What is the ONE thing that could let all of that happen in a blink of an eye for your customers?


Joint Venture Summit isn’t just another multi-speaker pitch fest…

It’s a multi-tracked, multi-speaker event where folks not only learn WHY they need to be doing Joint Ventures, as well as HOW to do Joint Ventures, they also get help connecting to the RIGHT Prospective JV Partners so that they leave with deals in hand, ready to be implemented!


4 levels of Tickets are available…

PLATINUM Seats ($1,997 retail)
GOLD Seats ($1,497 retail)
VIP Seats ($797 retail)
SELECT Seats ($597 retail)

Each type of ticket pays 40% commission to you INSTANTLY as a JV Partner.

(NOTE: If you have a large network of affiliates and JV
Partners who could promote, you can be setup as a Super
Affiliate and earn a 10% second tier commission on sales
that they refer as well.)

When you invite your subscribers and customers to meet you at Joint Venture Summit in Atlanta on March 11th to the 13th, 2014, you’re really inviting them to give up all their excuses and SKYROCKET their business to success almost over night!

When the deals they leave the event with turn their entire business (and life) around in a short period of time, who do you think they’re going to be grateful for?


Because without you inviting them to join you in Atlanta, they would still be struggling to get traffic… Struggling to put together a solid funnel with world-class products… Struggling to be seen as the Authority in their field.

If you’re someone who likes feeling appreciated, then you’re going to LOVE the feedback they give you after attending this very unique event!

But, more than likely, just getting a warm, fuzzy feeling isn’t enough of a reason for you to jump on board this launch and promote the heck out of it. So here are a few other reasons that you want to become a JV Partner of Joint Venture Summit…

REASON #2 — Getting paid INSTANTLY on every sale!

Through one of our sponsors, DirectionsU.com, a company founded by Gina Gaudio-Graves (better known as “The JV Queen”), we are processing all sales through a special cart that pays you INSTANTLY on every single sale you refer!

You get 40% INSTANT Affiliate Commissions every time someone you refer reserves a seat…

For those who reserve a Platinum Ticket ($1997 retail), that means you get $798.80 paid INSTANTLY to your PayPal Account!

For those who reserve a Gold Ticket ($1,497 retail), that means you get $598.80 paid INSTANTLY to your PayPal Account!

For those who reserve a VIP Ticket ($797 retail), that means you get $318.80 paid INSTANTLY to your PayPal Account!

For those who reserve a Select Ticket ($597 retail), that means you get $238.80 paid INSTANTLY to your PayPal Account!

The majority of the tickets sold so far have been VIP Tickets. So let’s say you send just 1,000 people to the JointVentureSummit.com website using your unique Affiliate Tracking link. Here’s what that’s likely to look like for you…

1,000 clicks converting just 2% means 20 ticket sales. (Right now, we’re converting at 20% of every one who attends one of the promotional Hangouts we’re doing! So just 2% would be VERY low to expect.)

75% of those tickets are likely to be VIP Tickets (15 sales)
5% of those tickets are likely to be Platinum Tickets (1 sale)
5% of those tickets are likely to be Gold Tickets (1 sale)
15% of those tickets are likely to be Select Tickets (3 sales)

Now let’s do the math…

15 sales times $318.80 commissions on each = $4,782.00 paid INSTANTLY!
1 sale times $798.80 commissions on each = $ 798.80 paid INSTANTLY!
1 sale times $598.80 commissions on each = $ 598.80 paid INSTANTLY!
3 sales times $238.80 commissions on each = $ 716.40 paid INSTANTLY!

And that’s likely to happen from just 1 email!

REASON #3 – JV’s for YOU and YOUR Business!

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, really, because when you refer people who purchase a Ticket, you also get FREE Admission to the Summit for YOURSELF!

1 Sale of any type, gets you Select Access.
3 Sales of any type, gets you VIP Access.
5 Sales of any type, gets you VIP Gold Access
And, if you get 7 or more sales, you get VIP Platinum Access!

So not only do you get $6,896 in your pocket to cover your travel expenses to Atlanta, you also get to join us at the event to get JV Deals setup for YOUR Business as well!

With more than 600 attendees expected at the event, including Associations, Chambers of Commerce, and small and mid-sized business owners from just about every niche you can think of, the RIGHT JV Partners for YOUR business will be in Atlanta…

… All of them just WAITING to hear about YOUR unique JV Opportunity!

REASON #4 – We Sell It For You!

If we were in your shoes, we’d invite your subscribers and customers to join a MegaHangout that we’re doing to provide very valuable content and promote the Summit at the same time.

After each MegaHangout, we followup with each attendee by email, and for those who are even interested, we have a pleasant, yet effective call team to guide people into the event, when they’re on the fence!

This means more sales for you!

reason #5 – If You Promote Us, Then We’ll Promote You!

As a JV Partner, we don’t just want you promoting us. We want to help YOU as much as we can!

That’s why we’ve intentionally built in several ways that we can promote YOU and what YOUR business offers!

For example, one of the many ways that we can promote you is this:

We’re doing something like a Ted Talk, it’s called a JV talk. If your topic, product, service, solution or advice, is right, or if you’re promoting abilities are excellent.. then we’d love to have you speak! In fact, our top affiliate is automatically given the opportunity to speak at JVS!

When you do a JV Talk, you are able to tell the audience about your unique JV Opportunity and offer all attendees a chance to see the benefits of your unique JV Opportunity.

This is VERY different than just getting on stage to sell your product or service!

It helps you get MAXIMUM Leverage from JVS so that once the Summit is over, you have a team of people just waiting to send you more customers!

Whether you’re looking for promotional partners who have subscriber lists that could mail your offer, people who are interested in licensing your products to sell to their customers or include in a bundle with their own products, Integration Marketing Partners, or something else, you’ll find the RIGHT people at JVS!
This is your chance to be part of the Strategic Partnering Network!

To be the biggest HERO in the eyes of your subscribers and customers!

To get FREE Access to the Joint Venture Summit so that you can get YOUR OWN JV’s setup at the Summit!

And, most importantly… to get paid INSTANTLY when referring people to get something they need (and want!) badly!

To get started right now, just fill out the form below and you’ll be taken to register in our JV Partner system.

We look forward to promoting YOU at the Summit and beyond!

NOTE: Please Return for final promotional materials on Launch Day,
The afternoon of Monday, February 17th, 2014. Thanks!