Gina Gaudio-Graves

Prior to a disabling car accident, Gina was an attorney. But when an
accident left her unable to get out of a hospital bed and wheelchair for
almost 10 years, she turned to the internet as a way to spend her time and
afford her medical bills.

That was in 1996 and Gina's been full time online ever since!

Most marketers online know Gina as 'The JV Queen' because of her many years
of organizing some of the biggest product launches on the internet. It was
through the experience of working with well-known experts such as Shawn
Casey, Willie Crawford, Henry Gold, David Garfinkel, and many more, that
Gina learned what drives sales and profits on the internet today.

Today, as the Founder & Dean of and creator of, Gins is a coach and mentor to entrepreneurs looking
to build a business using the power of the internet. Whether the internet
is the business owner's only presence or their secondary presence, Ginsa's
products and coaching programs can show you how to get bigger results,