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40 Reasons Why You Should Attend The Joint Venture Summit

REASON #1 There Isn’t a Faster, More Proven Way To Quickly Make A Lot Of Money!

REASON #2 - When Done Right… JVs Take The Least Amount Of Effort to Make money with.

REASON #3 - Joint Venture Partnerships Are Enormously Enjoyable to Create.

REASON #4 - Strategic Partnering Gives You More Time Off.

REASON #5It’s the Best Way To Gain Exposure In Your Industry, Market or Niche.

REASON #6 - Partnering Makes It Much Easier to Buy, or Get Really Neat Stuff! (cheap or free)

REASON #7 Doing Joint Ventures… gets you there quicker… much quicker! (wherever!)

REASON #8 - There Is No Better Way To Create a Free & Independent Business and life.

REASON #9Strategic Partnering is the easiest way to take advantage of new opportunities.

REASON #10Having Great Partners Who Love What they Do, Frees You Up To Do What You Love.

REASON #11Doing Deals Allows You To Explore Your Creative Genius.

REASON #12 - You Can Create The Most Efficient Enterprise On Earth

REASON #13You’ll NEVER Get Stuck in a Business or Job That’s going Nowhere.

REASON #14You’ll have many more exciting social engagements than you could ever attend.

REASON #15There isn’t a quicker way to seize a new market, than with strategic partnerships.

REASON #16There isn’t an Easier way to get to #1 in a market, and stay there, than with partnering.

REASON #17With Joint Venture Partnerships, You’ll Never Need Funding For Your Enterprise.

REASON #18 - The Strongest Companies in the world, are the ones who have Strong Partners.

REASON #19There isn’t a quicker way to get out of a dead-end business, than with JVs.

REASON #20 - With JV’s you can ALWAYS give the job, to the best person for the job (not you!)

REASON #21With a Partnering way of life, you’ll always be in touch with the cutting edge.

REASON #22With Partners, you can always have the highest innovation in your enterprise.

REASON #23 With Partners, you can always have the best marketing in your enterprise.

REASON #24When Partnering… you’ll can always be way ahead of the knowledge curve.

REASON #25 - There is NO better way to be recognized as an authority.

REASON #26 - There is NO faster way to be recognized as an authority.

REASON#27 - Very few strategies will help you save money, more than Joint Venture partnerships.

REASON #28 - If you’re looking for business security, strategic partnerships ARE the way.

REASON #29Want World-Class Talent for little or no upfront money… Get Talent partners.

REASON #30Your Company Can Do EVERYTHING EXCEPTIONAL… with Partnering.

REASON#31 Your Business Can overcome most every Obstacle… with Joint Venture Partners.

REASON #32There is no easier way to beat a dominate competitor, then with Strategic Partners.

REASON #33There is no FASTER way to beat a dominate competitor, than with strategic partners.

REASON #34Strategic Joint Ventures are the adventure of a lifetime.

REASON #35 There is no better, simpler, easier and quicker way to advance your cause

REASON #36 - The Best way to lead your industry or market is with Joint Ventures.

REASON #37Strong Partners Give you Confidence.

REASON #38 Strong Partners Help You To Eliminate Business Worries.

REASON #39 With Strategic Partners, you can Protect Your Reputation.

REASON #40 - The Best Way To Have Fun In Business.

You'll Learn How To Tap Into All 40 Of These Reasons

At The Joint Venture Summit!


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Mark Harris

Alex Mandossian

Our Past Speakers

Mark Harris

Spike Humer

Jack Humphrey

Matt Bacak

Sohail Khan

Ira Rosen

Glenn Dietzel

Meir Ezra

Alex Mandossian

Clint Arthur

Gina Gaudio Graves

Ted Miller III

Eli Davidson

Cory Michael Sanchez

Sergiu Simmel

Ken Rochon

Bill Walsh

E Brian Rose

Mike Filsaime

David Perdew

Robert Skrob

Mario Torres-Leon

Captain Lou Edwards

Justin Mandel

Robert Allen

Bryan Zimmerman

Dave Van Hoose

Roger Salam

Lizette LaForge

Daven Michaels

Ann DeVere

So here's The Agenda...This is just a fraction of What You'll Bring Home From The Joint Venture Summit!

The Truth About Strategic Partnerships

Learn This In Break-Out Session #1A
Get JV Partners Without Investing 1 Cent

Learn This In Break-Out Session #1B
Announcing... The New Way To Do Joint Ventures
That Makes It So Much Fun That You’ll Never Go Back.

Learn This In Break-Out Session #1C

Get JV Partners Without Investing 1 Cent

Learn This In Break-Out Session #2A

Suppose This Happened On Launch Day

Learn This In Break-Out Session #2B

What Everybody Ought To Know - About JVs.

Learn This In Break-Out Session #2C

Using A JV Broker May Be Dangerous To Your Wealth…
(Unless you know these 12 rules)

Learn This In Break-Out Session #3A
Right And Wrong Affiliate Methods –
And Little Pointers That Dramatically Increase Profits

Learn This In Break-Out Session #3B

If You Were Given $250,000,000 To Spend
Isn't This The Kind Of Business You Would Build?

Learn This In Break-Out Session #3C

* Please Note:  All speakers & topics are subject to change.


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